About Copeland Photography

Traci CopelandMy name is Traci Copeland and I own Copeland Photography. My style of photography I would define as candid mixed with artistic expression. I love capturing the beauty of people in a way that is unique and memorable. I am not a photographer that is always looking at my watch and how long the session is running, I don't feel like art can be rushed at times and in some instances it takes longer than others.

I make all of my sessions unique and try new things. Not all people photograph the same, this is where my artistic expression comes into play. I want you to be yourself and I will capture your individuality. I feel that everyone deserves their own spotlight.

I have had a passion for photography since I was little and started shooting with a Canon film SLR camera back in 1994 experimenting with developing in a dark room, that led to where I am today shooting on my professional digital Canon cameras. I reside in Fountain Hills, AZ and have a wonderful husband and three children that continuously drive my passion for photography. My boundaries on location are limitless and will travel the world to where ever my photography will take me.