January 7, 2014

Sarah & Evan – Engaged!

For their upcoming nuptials, Sarah and Evan took me out to two of their favorite places, one is a place they like to walk their dogs, the other is the WRESTLING ROOM, being that Evan is a state champion wrestling coach for high school boys, we had to do them there, wrestling is a huge part of their lives. When I first heard that they wanted to do these photos in the wrestling room I thought WOW, and then I was wowed with their love of each other and wrestling!The second location was a beautiful location filled with woods, water and plenty of beautiful mountains for a backdrop. These two are so in love and it shows in every photo. I am excited to share in their wedding memories and look forward to seeing Sarah in her beautiful wedding dress….Thank you for making me a part of your June wedding!

Evan & Sara Engagement-4

Evan & Sara Engagement-7

Evan & Sara Engagement-9

Evan & Sara Engagement-10

Evan & Sara Engagement-13

Evan & Sara Engagement-16

Evan & Sara Engagement-21

Evan & Sara Engagement-22

Evan & Sara Engagement-25

Evan & Sara Engagement-28

Evan & Sara Engagement-29

Evan & Sara Engagement-31

Evan & Sara Engagement-38

Evan & Sara Engagement-43

Evan & Sara Engagement-45

Evan & Sara Engagement-46

Evan & Sara Engagement-51

Evan & Sara Engagement-53

Evan & Sara Engagement-59

Evan & Sara Engagement-62

Evan & Sara Engagement-66

Evan & Sara Engagement-67

Evan & Sara Engagement-69

Evan & Sara Engagement-70

Evan & Sara Engagement-73

Evan & Sara Engagement-74

Evan & Sara Engagement-75

Evan & Sara Engagement-77

Evan & Sara Engagement-78

Evan & Sara Engagement-80

Evan & Sara Engagement-98

Evan & Sara Engagement-99

Evan & Sara Engagement-108

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